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Back Again!

Sorry for the long absence….

This blog thing is a bit more tricky than what I thought.  I know I have a very few followers.  Hopefully they are still out there….


Here are some photos of my latest projects.  Where I work, a lot of staff have had babies recently.  A lot of girls, strangely enough, so I have recently done a lot of pink quilts.

The pattern is Emery Stars by Bonnie Hunter.


I am not clever enough to put in a link in this blog post but if there are any budding quilters who read this, Quiltville is, in my humble opinion, one of the best sites around.

And what would be a post without a cat!  Here`s Iggy.  He enjoys all quilts….Not just the pink ones.

My Latest Quilt….and some cat photos


Alice’s quilt and some animal photos

Getting ready for Christmas


Hope you had a great week.  Mine has been busy, as usual.  Here are a few photos of a Christmas Table cloth I just  completed.We are going to be 18 of us so instead of buying a cheap, plastic one I thought I would make one to fit our long, thin trestle table.  What do you think?







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